TV Without A Dish Or Aerial!

Welcome to ScandiBox IPTV which according to our customers is the best IPTV service provider throughout the whole of the Costas in Spain providing reliable IPTV in numerous languages.


Internet Protocol Television

What is IPTV?

Let’s keep it simple or a simple as we can when talking about the internet and IPTV.

IPTV is short for “internet protocol television”, you know how everyone likes to use initials these days. The “IP” in IPTV is the same one you hear mentioned when talking about computers, it’s an IP address which means the television programmes are being sent using the internet protocol via the internet.

However with Terrestrial and Satellite TV the signals are transmitted and then you receive them with either an aerial or a dish. Because of this transmission through the atmosphere these systems can be affected by the weather, line of sight and poor satellite signals. Often you can only watch what’s being broadcasted unless you have some means to record and playback later.

A couple snuggled up watching televison supplied by ScandiBox IPTV in Spain

Why IPTV is different?

Because IPTV sends programmes and films through your internet connection.

There is no need for dishes or aerials since IPTV uses the internet.

As long as you have available an internet connection you can watch no matter your location.

The content is always ready and available for you to watch when you want.
You can even stop watching resuming later on UK and Nordic TV channels.

What Are You Looking For?

At ScandiBox IPTV we are continuely adding the lastest content.

Our Most Popular Packages
UK Television and UK Sport in Spain

UK TV & UK Sport

Watch all your favourite programmes and channels with 2 weeks catch up.
Sports are included for sports fans.
Fancy a night at the movies all the latest releases are available at no extra cost.
And you also get UK radio

10€ - 15€ per month

depending on subscription length.
15€ per month as and when you need
13€ per month 3 months subscription
12€ per month 6 months subscription
11€ per month 9 months subscription
10€ per month 12 months subscription

Flags of the Nordic countries that ScandiBox IPTV supply content for

Nordic TV & Nordic Sport

We are one of the few companies that provide full Nordic television.
Direct television channels from Norway with 1 weeks catch-up plus PREMIUM sports and radio! Also all the favourite channels from Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

15€ - 25€ per month

depending on subscription length.
25€ per month as and when you need
23€ per month 3 months subscription
20€ per month 6 months subscription
18€ per month 9 months subscription
15€ per month 12 months subscription

European TV Channels

Bringing you the best entertainment and sport channels from:-
The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Belgium

Others please ask

10€ - 13€ per month

depending on subscription length.
13€ per month 3 months subscription
12€ per month 6 months subscription
11€ per month 9 months subscription
10€ per month 12 months subscription

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

We could tell you how good we are but prefer to let our customers do so.

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Happy Customers
A happy couple who use ScandiBox IPTV in Spain

Tried It, Loved It!
With so many IPTV providers we didn’t know who to use feeling uneasy with paying for months in advance. We tried ScandBox IPTV free for 2 days, loved both it and the fact we could pay for one month at a time.
Joe & Cath West

A happy customer of ScandiBox IPTV in Spain

So Simple
I am not a technical person by any stretch of the imagination and so was as pleased as punch with myself when I was able to set up ScandiBox IPTV on my Android Box. My grandkids were so impressed!
Gordon Hughes

TV on the go with ScandiBox IPTV in Spain

My husband is Norwegian so you imagine how happy he was when he found out that he could get Nordic TV channels on ScandiBox IPTV. I keep reminding him that it was me who found and arranged ScandiBox IPTV.
Kelly Nilsen
Alfaz del Pi

Smiling customer of ScandiBox IPTV the best IPTV company on the Costas in Spain

Pack ‘N’ Go
With my work I travel all over Europe living out of a suitcase in hotels and I missed my TV so much. But now I use ScandiBox IPTV wherever I am to catch up on all my favourite soaps, sports and programmes.
Sally McRay

Big smile from a satisfied ScandiBox IPTV customer

Thank You
I live in an apartment block and the administration would not allow me to have a satellite dish installed on the roof nor on an outside wall. Thankfully a friend recommended ScandiBox IPTV as the solution.
Brian Chambers

The retired use ScandiBox IPTv in Spain

It’s For Me
I was so fed up with losing my satellite signal and missing my programmes. A very large dish didn’t help or a mega expensive LNB! When all I actually needed was a decent internet connection and ScandiBox IPTV.
David Waterfield

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