Frequently Asked Questions about IPTV

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do! We are more than happy to allow you to try our services FREE for 48 hours! Simply Click Here!

Do I have to enter into a long-term contract?

No! ScandiBox IPTV is one of the few IPTV companies that is happy for its customers to decide month by month to use our service just like a “Pay As You Go” mobile.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you do need an internet connection to use ScandiBox IPTV.

Do I need a minimum internet speed?

Yes, to use ScandiBox IPTV we recommend a speed of more than 10Mps to ensure the best possible experience and it should have unlimited download.

Do I need a satellite dish?

No, you do not need a satellite dish or aerial to use ScandiBox IPTV.

Do I have to have an Android or Mag Box to use ScandiBox IPTV?

If you have a Smart or Android TV then no you do not need any other device to use ScandiBox IPTV.

Have You A Question?

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